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We provide a bespoke, flexible and cost effective Internet Monitoring Support Service to brand and IP owners. Our purpose is to help clients protect their brands online from lost revenues. The deliverables of our service are high-priority, intelligent results which can immediately be acted upon by each client. Core activities are:

  • Auction Monitoring
  • Online Brand Monitoring
  • Online Trademark Monitoring
  • Channel Monitoring
  • MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy Monitoring
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Monitoring
  • Counterfeit Sales Monitoring
  • Parrallel Trade and Grey Product Monitoring
  • Piracy Monitoring
  • Site Shut Down, Partner Communication and C&Ds

Our system works with images, extensive search criteria and with any language or alphabet, producing selective, priority-ranked results that allow fast and decisive action to be taken.

Stakeholder and Reputation Risk Monitoring - Click here for our dedicated division Digital Radar

  • Which online sellers are causing you most economic damage?

  • Are your Channel Partners playing by the rules?

  • Are competitors using your brand to divert revenue from you?

  • Who are the biggest movers of fake product online?

Threat identity - information leaks - online threats

Intelligence Technologies crawls and monitors the whole Internet. We then filter, categorise and prioritise your results to bring back only those results that are really going to matter to you.
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