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Intelligence Technologies Ltd was founded in early 2008 to provide service-lead internet monitoring. We have a growing team of analysts with broad language skills including Mandarin and Arabic and the company is managed by the founder, Tim Waring. We are proud to provide a highly effective resource support to professionals responsible for the protection of their brands. Every brand owner faces different challenges so we do not have a "one size fits all" product but instead have a highly consultative and collaborative approach. Our clients currently include global brands in pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, imaging consumables and industry.

Our mission is to provide the most effective monitoring service at the most competitive price.

We use proprietary technology and processes to perform the web crawling. This includes deep search across all content, blogs, chat rooms, and auction sites if required. We can search for matches in text, images, links and source code. We complement this with open source technologies and databases for Whois and IP address look-ups, visibility rankings, company/director details and other information that clients require us to provide. We also use advanced searching on international and local search engines, particularly for some geographical regions and foreign languages. For each client the process is systemised so that we are fully proactive in monitoring for both known and unknown brand risks.

Threat identity - information leaks - online threats

Intelligence Technologies crawls and monitors the whole Internet. We then filter, categorise and prioritise your results to bring back only those results that are really going to matter to you.
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