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Our Process

1. Consultation
What type of abuse is causing the greatest impact to your business? We help establish your priority areas for taking action and suggest where we can start to tackle the online risks.

2. Scoping
You may require us to provide some sample results to add some substance to the early discussions. Some clients require us to carry out an audit or discreet project. Alternatively we commence a monitoring service on a trial basis.

3. Monitoring
We provide a very flexible monitoring service that reflects the areas which you have the resource to take action on. As your priorities change, we can reflect this in our monitoring.

4. Analysis
Skilled human analysis is a major part of our process. It is vital to further filter and prioritise the data so that the results delivered to the client are of highest value. Our clients generally require a concise report of high quality, actionable results.

5. Reporting
We deliver the results to the client either by email document or via our online portal.

6. Continuous Improvement

Reports include:

  • Customised categories
  • Description of website
  • Archived screenshot of website
  • URL address of each web page
  • Affiliate network
  • Indication of site popularity
  • Whois data and IP Address (where available)

Threat identity - information leaks - online threats

Intelligence Technologies crawls and monitors the whole Internet. We then filter, categorise and prioritise your results to bring back only those results that are really going to matter to you.
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